New products

MEISTERSTÜCKE - The new collection of exquisite designs

The design of the Meisterstück Collection strives for absolute perfection. The outsides are perfectly perpendicular. A masterwork of engineering and craftsmanship.

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CAYONO – A future classic.

The CAYONO is deliberately designed in lines coordinated with the stylistic features of modern architecture. Straight lines, small radii and a consistent geometry signal clarity, harmony and stringency in an ever more complex and fast-paced world.
By the same token, CAYONO is designed specifically for everyday use. Steep sides ensure a generously dimensioned bath interior – even with smaller sizes. The flat bath bottom allows for comfortable showering.

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CONOPOOL - The new spatial dimension.

The new spatial dimension for any luxury suite – indulge your guests with a pool feeling! Spacious in appearance and striking in form, the CONOPOOL offers the ultimate bathing experience for two. The symmetrically shaped backrests at either end along with a generous size of 200 x 120 cm allow for various reclining positions. The enamelled waste cover is set flush into the base of the bath complementing the clear contours of the model. Made of superior KALDEWEI steel enamel.

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XETIS – State-of-the-art shower surface.

In today’s world, the fusion of the living area and bathroom is a symbol of luxurious living. This includes a perfectly integrated, floor-level shower area as a visible expression of contemporary comfort.
With XETIS, KALDEWEI is once again setting new standards in modern bathroom design. The enamelled shower surface blends harmoniously into the bathroom floor. The outlet has been discretely hidden behind the front wall so as not to interfere with the shower surface made of high-quality KALDEWEI steel enamel 3.5 mm.

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SOUND WAVE – The acoustic bath.

With the new SOUND WAVE, KALDEWEI offers an innovative bathroom audio system. The SOUND WAVE components, including the Bluetooth®receiver, are concealed in the bath. This acts as an excellent sound box and provides pleasant acoustics of the highest quality.
SOUND WAVE can wirelessly play audio files from your smartphone, computer, tablet or any other Bluetooth®enabled device. Experience the extraordinary sound under water and escape from everyday life.

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SUPERPLAN with low profile support

Less is more. The SUPERPLAN with low profile support is an impressive demonstration of this principle. With 37 mm in depth (shower tray with support), this product with a minimal edge height integrates harmoniously into any room situation. The complete system consists of a shower tray and polystyrene support and may be completed with a waste fitting as required. Available in seven different sizes. The shower tray can also be provided with a special KALDEWEI surface finish.

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