Stefan Diez

Assuming responsibility for the future

The KALDEWEI MEISTERSTÜCK OYO DUO by Stefan Diez was selected and exhibited for the first time by Elle Décor at the Fuorisalone in Milan.

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When designer Stefan Diez works on a project, he goes one step further in terms of sustainability: Products that he designs should be able to be decomposed into their basic components and therefore be as recyclable as possible. With KALDEWEI and the material steel enamel, he has found the ideal industrial partner for his first sanitary project. The result is a masterpiece of German engineering in an unprecedented egg shape made of steel enamel: the KALDEWEI MEISTERSTÜCK OYO DUO.

The DIEZ OFFICE deals with many different products of everyday life, starting with living room furniture, through tableware to industrial design or trade fair appearances. The special focus: Existing products should be designed to be as recyclable as possible. It is often necessary to rethink products from scratch and to combine a wide variety of approaches. A spirit of discovery and technical know-how are the keys to success here.


The urge to create something new has accompanied Stefan Diez throughout his life. He grew up in a family of craftsmen, and after completing his apprenticeship as a carpenter, he decided to study industrial design. He studied under Richard Sapper, one of the most influential industrial designers of his time, at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart.


After working for many years with the German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic, Stefan Diez opened the DIEZ OFFICE in Munich in 2002. Since then, his career has taken off. In addition to his current position as Head of the Industrial design department at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, he has won numerous design and sustainability awards. A highlight is the award for Designer of the Year 2022 from the AW magazine. With his remarkable approach to the topics of product design and recyclability, he is triggering a rethinking in the entire design world. This rethinking can also be found in his Circular Design Guidelines. The 10 commandments for sustainable design deal primarily with how designers can reconcile ecology and economy. In this way, he pleads with all product designers to take on more responsibility. If he has his way, a good product is “as little product as necessary”. Only in this way can economics be redefined.

Stefan Diez has created something new for KALDEWEI: the KALDEWEI MEISTERSTÜCK OYO DUO. The concept of the freestanding bathtub made of KALDEWEI steel enamel combines shape and design with ecological recyclability. With its minimal organic lines and elegant functionality, the double-walled, freestanding bathtub is based on the design of Japanese porcelain.

A design sculpture made of recyclable steel enamel that integrates gracefully and weightlessly into the bathroom.

Chosen by Elle Décor, it is already clear that this bathtub is well on the way to becoming a classic of tomorrow. As part of the “Design Forever” exhibition at Elle Décor Italia, the author of the exhibition design, Calvi Brambilla, staged the freestanding OYO DUO bathtub for the world public for the first time.



More information about the product