Win a Tiny House with KALDEWEI

Win a Tiny House from VAGABUNDO with KALDEWEI equipment.

Sustainability is one of our most important principles. That's why we use the 100% recyclable material steel enamel for our products. Out of love for the environment we are happy about the joint competition with the backpack manufacturer GOT BAG and the Tiny House manufacturer VAGABUNDO.

With the production of backpacks made of Ocean Impact Plastic, GOT BAG is campaigning against the advancing plastic pollution of the oceans and, above all, for a more conscious use of natural resources. If sustainability is important to you too, the following competition is a must for you:

Win your own Tiny House 'vagabundo mini', which you can design according to your wishes. The Tiny House is built by the start-up VAGABUNDO. The bathroom is equipped with our MIENA washbasin bowl and SUPERPLAN ZERO shower surface made of sustainable steel enamel. KALDEWEI steel enamel is made of steel and glass and was manufactured from minerals, iron ore and sand.

You can follow the cooperation with the German Tiny House Start Up VAGABUNDO on our Instagram Channel.


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For the filigree forms of the wash bowl, designer Anke Salomon was inspired by nature. MIENA - made of KALDEWEI steel enamel.

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Superplan Zero

The shower floor masterpiece was created by Berlin designer Werner Aisslinger and impresses with its detail-oriented restraint as well as comfortable and sustainable features.

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A symbiosis of luxury and sustainability. For KALDEWEI, this means consciously focusing on recyclable design and high-quality products.

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