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Triman Recyckling Deklaration

Triman Recycling Declaration

The recycling labelling system from France

What is Triman?

Triman is a labeling system established in France that helps consumers identify correct recycling and disposal instructions for packaging and products. The Triman logo signals that the product is recyclable and provides information on the proper disposal method.

Objective and Implementation: By introducing the Triman logo on packaging, clear guidance for disposal is provided. This helps increase recycling rates and reduce environmental impact.



 Clarity: The Triman logo provides clear instructions for correct disposal.
Environmental Protection: Proper disposal protects the environment and promotes a recycling culture.
Sustainability: Implementing the Triman logo supports the sustainable use of resources.


This measure is a step towards compliance with legal requirements and the promotion of a sustainable packaging economy.

A distinction is made between three categories of labeling:



Printed products


Products and materials for the construction industry