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KALDEWEI sets green design accents

Kaldewei sets green design accents

KALDEWEI has been following the path of ecological sustainability for over 90 years. In line with the consistent implementation of its material philosophy, all baths and shower trays made of KALDEWEI steel enamel can be completely recycled at the end of their useful lives. Thanks to the environmentally compatible procedures used in manufacture, packaging, transportation and disposal, KALDEWEI was the first bathroom manufacturer to be certified sustainable to ISO 14025 by the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V., the Institute of Building and the Environment.


Protection of the environment and the climate is enshrined in KALDEWEI’s philosophy. As an industry pioneer, the bathroom manufacturer sets standards for sustainability. In 2009, for instance, KALDEWEI was the first German bathroom manufacturer to issue an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). KALDEWEI had this voluntary certification which includes an ecobalance of its steel enamel bathtubs and shower surfaces renewed in 2014 by the independent Institut Bauen und Umwelt (German institute for building and the environment).  The specific ecobalance was drawn up by PE International, one of the world’s leading service providers for sustainability management.

The Environmental Product Declaration analyses the impact of a product across its entire lifecycle – all the way from acquisition of the raw materials through production, packaging and transport to disposal. This comprehensive examination is based on internationally binding standards (ISO 14025, ISO 14040 and EN 15804).



This year KALDEWEI steel enamel was one of the winners of the Green Good Design Award. Presented by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum and the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies, it recognises ecologically outstanding products and buildings and is considered to be one of the world’s most prestigious sustainability awards.


KALDEWEI: Ecolabel and a commitment to Green Building

KALDEWEI is a member of the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) which, in certifying buildings, evaluates a usage period over 50 years. Judged by the DGNB’s innovative lifecycle analysis KALDEWEI products perform well, not least because of their 30-year warranty – another way in which steel enamel bathtubs and shower surfaces differ from alternative bathroom products made of synthetic materials.

On an international level, KALDEWEI has underpinned its commitment to sustainable building with measures such as membership of the U.S. Green Building Council which developed the recognised LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standard for environmentally-compatible, climate-neutral building. The ecolabel which an ever increasing number of investors and builders are demanding, counts Environmental Product Declarations – such as that issued by KALDEWEI – as a component of green building certification. In addition KALDEWEI is a member of the Singapore Green Building Council.


Responsibility for the environment at every level

For KALDEWEI sustainability begins with design which represents a lasting aesthetic. Product development emphasises the high perceived value of KALDEWEI bathtubs and enamelled shower surfaces that give customers many years of pleasure. It is not for nothing that KALDEWEI steel enamel comes with a 30-year warranty. Sustainability is thus also manifested in the exceptionally long useful life of KALDEWEI bathtubs and shower surfaces. Products that are long-lasting – in terms of both quality and design – have a significantly lighter impact on the environment with regard to transport, manufacture and disposal.

In making its enamel products KALDEWEI uses only natural raw materials. That applies to both the steel and the glaze which consist of primary materials taken from the earth such as quartz, feldspar and minerals. The bathtubs and enamelled shower surfaces can be fully recycled without the need to separate steel and enamel – no hazardous waste is produced. KALDEWEI is the only bathroom manufacturer that makes its own enamel which means that it fully controls the composition and processing of its surface finishings.

An environmentally friendly and resource-conserving manufacturing process is second nature to KALDEWEI. Accordingly all statutory requirements for emissions, occupational health and safety and residual materials are met and often even exceeded. Superfluous packaging is avoided and transport minimised. Concentrating all production at the Ahlen facility in itself enables integrated manufacturing processes and optimised logistics. KALDEWEI has a keen interest in energy efficiency and to this end it operates a state-of-the-art combined heat and power plant. Wastewater is moreover processed in the company’s own water treatment plant and disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.

KALDEWEI steel enamel is the guarantee of lasting bathing comfort and pleasure in bathroom products that will stay beautiful for years – both in owner-occupied and rental premises. Hotels and spas, as well as health care and care facilities also benefit from the robustness of KALDEWEI bathtubs and enamelled shower surfaces. The products feature an optional surface finish which lets water, soap residue and limescale roll off the surface with particular ease. There is no need for harsh and environmentally harmful detergents with KALDEWEI steel enamel – one more contribution to environmental protection.