Dream bathrooms
A dream in sand

A dream in sand

The sound of the sea in your ears, the smell of a salty sea breeze and the sun on your face: With the view over the beach and the sea and the exquisite choice of colours, this bathroom in light beige is an oasis of well-being. The SUPERPLAN ZERO fits perfectly into this bathroom with its wonderfully understated elegance and is the highlight.


The soft warm beige shade from our Coordinated Colours Collection illuminates this dream bathroom. The unique colour selection of the products ensures that the colour beige is presented magnificently. The shower, bathtub and washbasin are kept in a warm beige and look particularly good in combination with the light sand tones and natural wood colours. This bathroom is a trendsetter and combines luxury and sustainability. The 100% plastic-free and recyclable products are the epitome of sustainability and reflect KALDEWEI perfectly: We attach great importance to sustainable and forward-looking production. Our products made of exquisite steel enamel combine the strengths of steel and glass and are therefore very resistant and durable. For a sustainable future and an environment worth living in for future generations.

SUPERPLAN ZERO - the new product

The blockbuster among shower surfaces: the SUPERPLAN ZERO. The shower surface is unmistakably modern and sustainable. With clearly defined edges, no steps and absolutely level with the floor, it is the epitome of the future. Precision and elegance are terms that aptly describe this shower surface. The SUPERPLAN ZERO can be accessed from three sides and is characterised by a minimalist design penned by Werner Aisslinger. The waste close to the wall and a uniform gradient create a large, level and continuous standing area. The shower surface can be installed flush with the floor for any format and as flat as never before, as it has a minimum installation height. Of course, it is 100 percent compatible with our well-known accessories.



The CENTRO DUO right bathtub is the perfect counterpart to the washbasin. The round enamelled waste cover and the curved design based on a circle can also be found here. The puristic simplicity and subtle elegance are the hallmarks of this bathtub. With two identical back rests and the central waste, bathing for two is no problem either. Of course, the bathtub, like all of our products, is made of sustainable steel enamel and is therefore particularly robust and durable. We strive to create a timeless design for all of our products so that the longevity of the material can also be fully exploited. After years of use, steel enamel is 100% recyclable and therefore reusable.


CENTRO countertop washbasin

The CENTRO countertop washbasin combines purism and subtle elegance and, thanks to its luxurious appearance, fits perfectly into modern bathrooms. The designer Anke Salomon took up the basic idea of a circle, which is reflected in the perfectly integrated enamelled waste. The generous surface offers plenty of space for individual accessories. With dark fittings and subtle decoration, the warm beige of the washbasin is inviting and exudes calm. In combination with the wooden cabinet and the carpet in front of the washbasins, a harmonious and wonderfully designed room is created.



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