Dream bathrooms
Gentle freshness
Dream bathrooms

Gentle freshness

Soak up some inspiration from our dream bathrooms and get some ideas for your own!

Enjoy planning!


A bathroom that exudes both lavishness and freshness. Because the bathroom is open-plan, the gaze can roam freely across the harmonious shapes and surfaces. It is not only the design of the room that is eye-catching but also the colour coordination of the bathroom elements.

Our CONOFLAT shower surface in the colour Catania grey matt from our Coordinated Colours Collection goes perfectly with the anthracite-coloured tiles. Our beautiful MIENA washbasin bowl, on the other hand, is positioned strikingly but not obtrusively in the centre of the room. Because of the Catania grey bathroom elements, a tasteful contrast is created with the pastel-green walls.


A look from above reveals the intelligent room division of the bathroom. It is not always easy to have everything in one place; this calls for precise planning. But in this dream bathroom, there’s a place for everything. So no tough decision about shower surface or bath – perfect happiness! And the best thing about the design is that despite the many different elements the room seems inviting rather than overcrowded.

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It is not only the colours that lend the room a gentle freshness but also the shape of the MIENA washbasin bowl. Because the hallmarks of our MIENA washbasin bowl are its gently curving basic shape and its delicate quality. Even if you don’t immediately connect delicacy with our material, steel enamel, we and designer Anke Salomon have proved the opposite. Even organic, airy designs can be produced with this superior, robust material.



To go with the beautiful design of the washbasin bowl and the bathtub, this dream bathroom features our CONOFLAT shower surface. The floor-level shower surface is only visible here at second glance because with this bathroom design it is perfectly coordinated with the colour of the flooring. You can, however, also create a deliberate contrast to accentuate the elegant design of the shower surface – our Coordinated Colours Collection gives you plenty of choice. With the CONOFLAT made of robust KALDEWEI steel enamel, you are choosing a shower surface that is easy to clean and can stand up to all of life’s daily challenges. How your CONOFLAT shower surface looks is entirely up to you – thanks to the many different sizes, there’s a solution to suit every bathroom. Give it a try and configure your CONOFLAT.


Even if a shower is refreshing and revives our spirits, after an exhausting day there’s nothing better than a relaxing bath. Our INCAVA bathtub invites you to switch off and relax at your leisure. Anke Salomon’s distinctive design includes an organically fluid interior shape. Other beautiful design features include the sensually soft corner radius, the two identical backrests and the centrally-positioned waste. All of which make it a delight to share this bathtub.


Sometimes you just can’t beat a hot bath.

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