Dream bathrooms
Happy Blues
Dream bathrooms

Happy Blues

Soak up some inspiration from our dream bathrooms and get some ideas for your own!

Enjoy planning!


Blue like the water that plays the undisputed starring role in the bathroom.
This dream bathroom allows us to immerse ourselves and completely forget the outside world. The clarity, minimalism and beauty of the NEXSYS shower surface and the MIENA washbasin bowl are shown to best effect here. The white colour stands out fabulously against the vibrant wall and floor tiles. For an incomparable showering experience.

The clean-lined, pure design of the floor-level NEXSYS shower surface makes it a winner. It combines the best of both worlds like no shower surface before it. This is the ideal shower surface for anybody who wants a shower with channel look but also appreciates all the material advantages of a solid steel enamel surface. Even though the design is so exceptional, everyday use of the shower surface is simplicity itself. Cleaning? UV rays, chemicals? The NEXSYS can stand up to all these pressures with ease. Our dream bathroom has been fitted with the NEXSYS in alpine white with a design cover in brushed stainless steel. Of course, the choice of colours, surfaces and design cover is entirely up to you.


Small huge, huge impact. With a choice of 20 sizes, 17 colours, 3 surfaces and 5 design covers, you have over 5,000 ways of customising your very own NEXSYS for your dream bathroom. As here, you can have the floor-level shower surface in a different colour from the floor, producing a fabulous contrast. Or you can choose a colour to match the flooring ā€“ no problem with our colours from the  Coordinated Colours Collection. Check out our Product Configurator and design your own NEXSYS.

Design down to the tiniest detail. Our design cover that adorns the NEXSYSā€™s waste channel is a beautiful way of ensuring that water can drain off ā€“ whether in alpine white, gold, red gold or a stainless steel version. The design of the waste channel allows you to create an exciting highlight and customise your shower surface. Beautiful as it is, the cover can still stand up to a lot of pressure. It has a DIN 1253-1, Class K3 rating. Design meets functionality.

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The MIENA washbasin bowl is a beautiful example of how delicate our material KALDEWEI steel enamel can be. At the same time, it is extremely robust. With MIENA, star designer Anke Salomon has developed a range of highly harmonious products with clean, timeless lines. Though quiet and restrained in terms of design, they are still something truly special in the bathroom. You can choose between round and rectangular models. Another big bonus: The MIENA can be placed at will, either on a console or a support plate. That means you have a completely free hand when it comes to choosing the matching bathroom furniture. The installer will be happy too because the MIENA is so easy to handle.


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