Dream bathrooms
Small but perfectly formed
Dream bathrooms

Small but perfectly formed.

Soak up some inspiration from our dream bathrooms and get some ideas for your own!

Enjoy planning!

Dream bathroom: Small but perfectly formed.

Vibrant colours, a punchy floor design and a variety of shapes make this dream bathroom really big. Because – a truly special bathroom doesn’t have to be enormous. On the contrary: this dream bathroom’s charm lies in the depth of character packed into a small space. And it proves: a small space and a bathtub are not mutually exclusive.

An inviting, wondrous bathroom.

Persuasive lines. The MEISTERSTÜCK CENTRO DUO 1 LEFT bathtub sits perfectly in the corner where its curved shape is a visual highlight.

A look that’s larger than life:

The interaction of curved and angular shapes, colours and patterns makes the available space look bigger.

Truly eye-catching: the MIENA washbasin bowl features a delightfully delicate design.

For comfortable, floor-level showering: The SUPERPLAN shower surface is available in many different sizes and is suitable for rooms of all dimensions.

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