Dream bathrooms
Sustainable style
Dream bathrooms

Sustainable style

Soak up some inspiration from our dream bathrooms and get some ideas for your own!

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Wave by wave to sustainable bathroom design: easily achieved with beautiful, natural elements and interior design that pays close attention to detail. To create our dream bathroom we have chosen sustainable materials throughout, setting them off to best effect in the room. The arched ceiling of light wood forms a striking contrast with the dark blue floor and wall tiles. This spacious room is the perfect stage for bathroom objects made of superior and sustainable steel enamel. Our steel enamel is made of natural raw materials and at the end of its long lifecycle, it’s 100 % recyclable. It’s a very simple equation: good products and a good conscience equal a good feeling in the bathroom.


Our steel enamel is made of natural raw materials and at the end of its long lifecycle, it’s 100 % recyclable.


A hot bath and a beautiful view of greenery. Bathroom dreams come true with our MEISTERSTÜCK INCAVA. This is where ergonomics comes together with exclusive design. Because with this bathtub’s curving interior and its striking geometrical exterior lines, designer Anke Salomon has created a truly aesthetic bathroom highlight. No matter whether you enjoy the view alone, or share it with someone else – the MEISTERSTÜCK INCAVA offers sublime comfort for your back. And the good feeling lasts long after your relaxing bath because with the exclusive easy-clean finish, cleaning the bathtub is no problem at all. Our steel enamel bathroom objects can withstand anything, which means they keep their value. Now that’s sustainable bathroom design!

With a floor-level shower surface made of superior steel enamel, you can create a striking contrast with the flooring. So you can make the shower area into a stand-out feature of the bathroom. Just like here with our CONOFLAT shower surface which guarantees endless showering pleasure. The CONOFLAT’s extremely flat design makes it a real winner. No steps, nothing to trip on. The enamelled waste cover also slots perfectly into the floor-level surface. This shower surface was dreamt up by the renowned Italian design studio Sottsass Associati.




The CONO countertop washbasin goes perfectly with the CONOFLAT shower surface. It too has a highly aesthetic enamelled waste cover and accentuates the beautiful geometrical look which is shared by the shower surface. The spacious surround which can be used for special taps or accessories is another great feature. Like all of our bathroom objects, the CONO washbasin is made of superior steel enamel, so it’s exceptionally long-lasting and robust – able to withstand all of life’s daily challenges with ease. Further proof that distinctive design can also score high in terms of ease of maintenance.




Sustainable down to the tiniest detail. The natural materials, steel and glass, enter into the perfect symbiosis in our steel enamel. KALDEWEI steel enamel is extremely long-lasting and is also 100 % recyclable. This is what makes our material probably the most sustainable material for sanitary products. Given that our product is natural, it’s only logical that we are just as gentle on resources when it comes to production and transport. Because for us, sustainability is more than just a trendy movement. As a company now being run by the 4th generation of the same family, KALDEWEI manufactures its bathtubs, shower surfaces and washbasins exclusively in Ahlen, Westphalia – just as it has been doing for over 100 years now. This long tradition notwithstanding, we know that what’s good can always be made even better. That is why we are working with the WWF to make our processes even more sustainable.



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