Dream bathrooms
The family bathroom CAYONO

The family bathroom CAYONO

With good spatial planning, even small and medium-sized rooms can become an oasis for the whole family. Our CAYONO product family, made of sustainable steel enamel, invites you to linger in just six square metres in this bathroom.

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Bathing and showering

Are you the type for having a bath or a shower?

Why do you have to choose? With the floor-level shower surface CAYONOPLAN and the bathtub CAYONO DUO you can start the day with an invigorating shower in the morning and relax in the bathtub in the evening. Thanks to the ergonomically shaped sloping back and the central waste, bathing for two is also very comfortable. The spacious interior of the bathtub also ensures a particularly high level of comfort. 




Ideas for your wash area

The CAYONO family offers you a wonderful selection of different styles for the wash area. No matter what you choose: All washbasins are made of our hygienic and sustainable material steel-enamel, which makes cleaning particularly easy. Bring the sophisticated hotel feeling into your home with the undercounter variant or opt for the classic countertop variant. You can turn your washbasin into a special highlight with the filigree CAYONO washbowl. Design your wash area according to your individual wishes. 


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Bathroom planning made easy

A real dream bathroom is no coincidence, rather it is the result of intelligent planning. With a spacious wash area, a cosy wellness corner and a floor-level shower, a room for the whole family has been easily created here with the bathroom planner. Many needs of a family are combined here in an optimum way: From a quick start in the morning to a cosy end in the evening. The clear shapes make the room appear larger and the contrasting colours result in an optimum symbiosis of the different areas in the room. A really great bathroom for the whole family. The feeling of togetherness is also reflected in the product selection: This is because our CAYONO product family made of elegant steel enamel is perfectly coordinated in terms of design. 


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