Dream bathrooms
The luxury upgrade
Dream bathrooms

The luxury upgrade

Soak up some inspiration from our dream bathrooms and get some ideas for your own!

Enjoy planning!


Our freestanding MEISTERSTÜCK EMERSO bathtub, EMERSO countertop washbasins and the new NEXSYS shower allow you to design a bathroom that entirely suits your wishes.

A fabulous view, dark, soothing shades and beautiful details – this dream bathroom promises undiluted luxury every day. This is a place where you can retreat and bring the day to a peaceful close. Who needs a pool and all the rest of it with such a soothing atmosphere? Our bathroom solutions made of steel enamel guarantee truly superior bathroom pleasure.

With the freestanding MEISTERSTÜCK EMERSO bathtub you’ll have a veritable work of art in your bathroom. The EMERSO collection, whose flowing lines optimally merge design and ergonomics, was created for us by illustrious designer Arik Levy. The rim of the bathtub is reminiscent of the shape of a wave. Thanks to the fully enamelled exterior, the bathtub resembles a sculpture.

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Did you already know that alongside our own designs, for decades we have been calling on the expertise and creativity of renowned designers from all over the world. Unique bathroom objects have been designed for us by highly talented individuals from Werner Aisslinger to Arik Levy and Anke Salomon to Sottsass Associati.

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Arik Levy’s washbasin was designed as the perfect counterpart to his bathtub. This object too has persuasively fluid lines. If any washbasin can be described as sensuous, then it’s the EMERSO with its harmonious lines. With the built-in version – as shown in this dream bathroom – you have the advantage that you can integrate it into the room with matching bathroom furniture, exactly as you wish. Those who prefer to continue with the bathtub’s sculpture-inspired design, can also opt for the freestanding version.

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This shower surface is revolutionary. Because for the first time ever, the customer no longer has to make that tricky decision: do I want a shower channel and put up with tiling, or do I choose a hygienic, seamless shower surface? Because NEXSYS combines the best of both worlds. It features the popular channel design which we know from tiled shower areas, combining it with all the advantages of a solid, seamless shower surface made of steel enamel: an absolute innovation in the world of floor-level showers. With the NEXSYS you have so many ways to express your individuality and place your signature on your dream bath. 17 colours, no fewer than 20 sizes, 5 different design covers and 3 surface finishes offer you a total of over 5,000 possible permutations. How about a black shower surface with a waste cover in red gold? Not to everyone’s taste – but it’s no problem. The main thing is that you like your customised NEXSYS.

The shower surface also proves – not everything that’s beautiful has to be complicated. Because your installer will be happy. NEXSYS is a factory-assembled 4-in-1 system. There is no quicker and easier way to fit a floor-level shower surface with waste channel.

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It’s the details that make a bathroom into your bathroom. There are no limits set on your imagination. If you want more than small splashes of colour in your bathroom, why not go all the way? Why not choose a coloured bathtub, shower surface or washbasin? Explore our Coordinated Colours Collection and order our colour cards online now! Have fun planning!

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