KALDEWEI Bath[o]philia at Fuorisalone 2024

featuring e15 for KALDEWEI and Bethan Laura Wood

Luxurious bathroom brand KALDEWEI has partnered with the high-class interior brand e15 on an extraordinary project. Discover a forward-thinking design installation by Stefan Diez. Immerse yourself in the world of Bath[o]philia and meet our special guest Bethan Laura Wood, who has in a unique almost psychedelic art created pieces which will transport you into other (bath)spheres.

The exclusive bathroom manufacturer KALDEWEI will once again cause a stir with a spectacular presentation at the Fuorisalone 2024 from 15 to 21 April in Milan. Together with the Frankfurt interior label e15 and the celebrated British designer Bethan Laura Wood, KALDEWEI invites you to the Casa Flash Art in the Palazzo Durini at the heart of the vibrant design metropolis. At this premium location of the Italian art magazine Flash Art, KALDEWEI and e15 will present exciting and surprising designs and furniture for progressive bathrooms. The surface concept by designer Bethan Laura Wood is no less spectacular, which transforms glazed bathroom objects into true works of art in a playful and colourful way.


April 15th - 21st

Via Durini 24, Milan / Casa Flash Art 

A brand collaboration characterised by a common approach and brand identity.
A merger of minimalist design and the ability to master the material in production. KALDEWEI’s dedication and professionalism to glazed steel and the clarity with which E15 brings oak wood to life opens up an almost new world for designer furniture. When design, craftsmanship and durability are achieved naturally, demands are met.


With focus on clear geometric forms and crafted details, STOOL draws inspiration from traditional wood construction to offer sitting and serving comfort for the bathroom or other areas of the home. With a play on bold geometry, angled legs meet at the top with a connection detail to form a signature look, which is a unifying element throughout the collection. Available in two heights, STOOL is crafted in solid European oak and hand finished at a specialized workshop in Germany.

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Characterised by its distinct shape, BENCH draws from traditional wood construction and clear forms to offer generous sitting and storage. With a play on bold geometry, angled legs meet at the top with a connection detail to form a signature look, which is a unifying element throughout the collection. Placed free standing or along a wall, BENCH offers resting or storage space for the bathroom, and is also suitable for other areas in the home. BENCH is crafted in solid European oak and is hand finished at a specialized workshop in Germany.

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The playful and essential bathtub companion BRIDGE is characterised by a circular cut-out detail, for better handling and the possibility to retain a towel within reach. Utilising the fact that all KALDEWEI pieces are produced in enamelled steel, a discrete built-in magnet helps to position the bridge. Crafted from solid European oak and hand finished in a specialized workshop, BRIDGE offers a clear platform for bathing needs.

Foot board BASE is a well-proportioned and purposeful piece, which brings the warmth of solid wood into the bathroom. With substantial material thickness along with traditional joinery details, BASE frames the bathing experience whilst generating an aesthetic addition for the bathroom. The dove tale construction allows the footboard to float and stay elevated above the floor, allowing for air circulation and better drying of the wood. BASE is handcrafted in European oak by a specialized workshop in Germany.


Versatile and dynamic quality signifies the essence of the towel rack TRIPOD, which offers engaging perspectives in its form. Placed free standing or along a wall, the triangular footprint provides stability and offers resting space for different size towels. TRIPOD is crafted in solid European oak and hand finished by a specialised workshop in Germany.

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Crafted in soft leather, POCKET is a playful and generous pouch, treated with a water-resistant finish and detailed with an invisible magnet. Therefore, POCKET can be simply attached directly to KALDEWEI’s enamelled steel bathtubs and basins.

Smart and practical, LOOP is a soft leather strap, which can hold a rolled towel in place. Providing comfort as a flexible head rest, LOOP can be attached directly to KALDEWEI’s enamelled steel bathtubs through an invisible magnet.

The responsibly sourced leather is from Sorensen and is available in colours Ecru and Elephant.

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Meisterstück OYO DUO


The KALDEWEI MEISTERSTÜCK OYO DUO is a masterpiece of German engineering, in a never before seen egg shape design made of steel enamel. Stefan Diez was behind the creative design and has created a graceful design sculpture that integrates harmoniously into the bathroom space in a seamless and almost floating manner. Inspired by Japanese porcelain design, the double-walled product impresses with its minimalist organic lines and elegant functionality.

The inner shape of the KALDEWEI MEISTERSTÜCK OYO DUO is based on KALDEWEI‘s extensive experience and offers both maximum comfort and the opportunity for environmentally conscious use of water as a resource. Its outer shape follows the idea of elegance, lightness and naturalness. The successful design of a free-flowing form that only just touches the ground, almost seems to float and yet is completely under tension. There is no better way to show the value of the material used.


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"The aim was to create associative products that speak of the bathroom and trigger associations with wellbeing, without being confined to this environment.

So the ‘Oyo Duo’ is a completely new product in which we have joined two independent components and welded them together from the outside. When we had completed the project, the question came up: how do you actually photograph it? And then, of course, we fell into the stereotypical reflexes.

First you go to the stylist and then you think about how you can set the scene. And then you suddenly have such an eclectic collection of accessories. And at that moment the idea came up to say, wait a minute, maybe we just need to get another company on board that produces furniture in order to create an intersection of both brands."


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