Aesthetics in Milan model apartment

Aesthetics in Milan model apartment

Sara Rossetto is a model for international fashion brands and an influencer. The trendsetter is not only passionate about fashion, but also interior design. She has recently renovated the bathroom in her apartment at Arco della Pace in Milan.



Style conscious in fashion and design

Sara Nicole Rossetto is in front of the camera almost every day. Either as a model for international fashion brands or as an influencer giving her more than 100,000 subscribers on Instagram an insight into her everyday life. The trendsetter is not only passionate about fashion, but also interior design. With her look, Sara Rossetto represents a modern take on Milanese chic.


Renovation in the heart of Milan



She proves her sense of style through fashion, and with her own personal passion for design and architecture. When she is out and about, the influencer loves to be inspired by magnificent buildings and design classics, which also hide an element of tradition – it’s no coincidence that Rossetto’s new apartment is located on one of the most beautiful historic squares in Milan.


Bathroom remodel in Italian flair



The Italian model has renovated her bathroom in her 100 m² apartment in the heart of Milan. To meet her requirements in terms of design and minimalism, she opted for the free-standing Meisterstück Centro Duo Oval bathtub and two Ming washbowls made from KALDEWEI sustainable steel enamel. In this way, she has perfectly implemented her idea of minimalist aesthetics.

“The elegant finish of the Ming washbowls and the Meisterstück Centro Duo Oval bathtub from KALDEWEI harmonises perfectly with the clean look that I wanted for the bathroom. Together, everything looks very calm and aesthetic, which is why I like to spend a lot of time in the bathroom.”


A wellness oasis as a personal haven of peace

Born in Milan, she is constantly on the move – today in New York, tomorrow in Paris; no wonder her home is a personal haven of peace which allows her to relax and regenerate. When furnishing her new bathroom, Sara Rossetto attached great importance to creating her own unique wellness oasis, a space where she could feel good and where she could relax. In collaboration with the Italian architecture studio Dominet Architetti, a modern bathroom was created that focuses on minimalist elements and light colours.


Me-time in the KALDEWEI bathtub with Sound Wave

Her Milan apartment is located in a historic building that was built in the 1920s. Accordingly, the bathroom is not particularly large. However, in order to fulfil her dream of a free-standing bathtub, the bathroom is connected to the bedroom by a sliding glass door, giving it more space and width.



She chose the free-standing bathtub MEISTERSTÜCK CENTRO DUO OVAL made of high-quality KALDEWEI steel enamel. Thanks to the exclusive surface EASY-CLEAN FINISH, the water simply rolls off the bathtub, cleaning all dirt and lime particles. That is pure luxury even after the bath.

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The Meisterstück Centro Duo Oval, designed by the Italian design office Sottsass Associati, is aequipped with the KALDEWEI Sound Wave audio system. In this way, the content creator can hear and even feel her favourite music during her me-time in the bathtub.

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Sara Rossetto


I chose a steel enamel free-standing bathtub because it’s a classic that is always in fashion.




The bathtub is characterized by its aminimalist simplicity and unpretentious elegance. Two identical backrestsn provide a pleasant bathing experience alone or in pairs. This bathtub gives the aesthetics of the room something very special. .

Timeless, elegant and high quality

There is space under the opulently curved wall mirror for two Ming washbowls – one for Sara and one for her partner, who lives with her in the apartment. With their puristic design, the Ming washbowls and the free-standing Meisterstück bathtub underline the harmonious interplay of tradition and modernity in Sara Rossetto’s elegantly styled old building apartment. The exquisite MING washbowl from KALDEWEI impresses with its fine design and generous interior depth.


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The result of the Milan model's bathroom conversion is really something to behold. A relaxation oasis in minimalist chic design has been created here with Italian flair. It's a great place to relax between model jobs all over the world.


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