Bungalow in Nuremberg

Nuremberg, Germany

Bungalow in Nuremberg

The design brief to the architectural team from Nuremberg prioritised the parameters of sustainability. As well as upgrading the energy performance of the building, changes were made to the room layout, whilst state-of-the-art technology, such as a BUS system, was integrated and the bathroom was completely redesigned.
As was common in the 1970s, the bathroom is relatively small at 8m². The design challenge posed in front of the architects was to optimise the use of this limited space at the same time as creating a spacious effect. This request was accommodated with ease using the KALDEWEI floor-level shower surface CONOFLAT in the size 90x150cm. To maximise the space for showering, the surface was installed across the entire width of the room. CONOFLAT offers ample freedom of movement and with an extremely flat design adds to the spacious feel of the room. This impression is enhanced by the fixed glass partition.
A further aspect swaying the decision in favour of the CONOFLAT was its exceptionally sustainable material guaranteeing durability and longevity.

Bungalow in NurembergBungalow in NurembergBungalow in NurembergBungalow in NurembergBungalow in Nuremberg

Topos Team, Nuremberg


Family home

KALDEWEI products:

CONOFLAT floor-level shower

Town/city:Nuremberg, Germany

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