Old Bremen house moments


Old Bremen house moments

A dream home renovation carried out by the owners themselves

Whether it be shopping for regional foods, the conscious consumption of sustainable fashion or interior design – the issue of sustainability plays a major role for the blogger Anne and her husband in many areas of their daily life. Together, the two have lovingly renovated their house in Bremen themselves, creating their private dream home. As the saying goes: “Do it yourself”. The bathrooms were also completely redesigned as part of the renovation work. A timeless design was particularly important for them both. After all, you don’t renovate a bathroom every year and you want to feel comfortable in it for many years to come.

It should be a bathroom without a lot of frills. Both decided on the elegant MIENA washbowl in white. The slender bowl made of sustainable steel enamel not only looks beautiful, but is also particularly easy to care for. In combination with the black fittings, the delicate-walled MIENA forms a real highlight in this bathroom. To give the bathroom a warm ambience at the same time, the couple opted for an oak washbasin unit. In contrast with the exposed ceiling beams, a unique room atmosphere has been created. The result is a harmonious atmosphere of well-being with a mix of elegant, timeless bathroom fittings and rustic wooden elements.

“We chose the Miena washbowl because it is absolutely timeless and yet so attractive and slender and special in its shape - we wouldn’t want to miss out on it for a single day.”

Old Bremen house momentsOld Bremen house momentsOld Bremen house momentsOld Bremen house momentsOld Bremen house moments
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