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KALDEWEI in September 2021.

KALDEWEI has teamed up with Bryan Adams for the second time. The photographer succeeds in capturing aesthetic movements in a unique way on a “stage” made of steel enamel. For his exciting pictures he works with personalities from the world of ballet.

Press – Releases

Ahlen, April 2014

Enamelled shower surface with integrated wall outlet from KALDEWEI sets milestone in modern bathroom design

Xetis, the new enamelled shower surface with integrated wall outlet from KALDEWEI, celebrates a premiere in modern bathroom architecture. Harmoniously blending with the...

Ahlen, April 2014

Tiled showers are out: Bathroom planners opt for reliable material that combines quality with exclusive design language

Builders and modernisers today are increasingly shifting towards floor-level showers with easy, barrier-free access. Whereas tiled shower floors were still...

Ahlen, April 2014

KALDEWEI introduces Scona in response to broad demand for enamelled shower surfaces and “democratises” floor-level shower design

Floor-level shower surfaces have long since become standard equipment in the bathroom. KALDEWEI has been instrumental in shaping this trend with...

Ahlen, March 2014

Superplan with low profile support guarantees easy installation and flexible fitting options

KALDEWEI now offers a new complete solution facilitating the installation of ultra flat shower surfaces: The Superplan system with low profile support consists of the enamelled shower...

Ahlen, March 2014

Premium manufacturer shows outstanding pioneer work at SHK Essen: the development from shower tray to enamelled shower surface

Increasing standards and changing requirements of people in the bathroom are evident in the creation of ever new products and creative solutions....

Ahlen, April 2014

A brief typology of showering reveals what pleasure showerers, quick showerers and family showerers want in a bathroom

Much in life is a question of type. From the choice of outfit through to the furnishing of our own four walls. Modern spatial design in particular opens up many...

KALDEWEI system solutions guarantee clean, reliably sealed and stylishly designed shower areas

Modern shower combines clarity and solidity with aesthetics and a sense of style

Ahlen, March 2011. – The bathroom is increasingly becoming the expression of a new aesthetic. The trend is moving towards floor-level showers, which are often positioned freely in the room and combine a special...

KALDEWEI presents current survey "paradigm change in the bathroom as an answer to changes of society"

Ahlen, February 2011. In  our  fast-moving  world,  the  demands on every  single  person  continually  increase. To remain able to perform, people need to be able to compensate for growing...