Survey reveals: architects prefer steel enamel shower surfaces

Ahlen, January 2017. – What matters to architects when they are designing a shower area? How important is the design and what qualities are an absolute must for a shower? Premium bathroom manufacturer KALDEWEI has found out with the help of a representative survey that, for architects, safety is the top priority when designing a floor-level shower. Nine out of ten architects surveyed say that structural safety is “very important”. Furthermore, the ease with which product and material can be cleaned plays a crucial role for them in choosing suitable bathroom solutions. The survey also shows that in the opinion of architects, a shower surface made of steel enamel best fulfils these requirements.

Thanks to the latest KALDEWEI survey, the general trend toward floor-level showers has now been statistically documented: architects and interior designers are now choosing a floor-level shower solution in four out of five showers in privately-owned homes. Meanwhile in the housing industry, half of all apartment buildings are already being fitted with floor-level solutions.

The top criteria: impermeability, anti-slip protection and hygiene

When designing a floor-level shower area, architects and designers primarily want safe solutions: 99 per cent of those surveyed say that long-term impermeability is “very important” or “important” while 96 per cent accorded the same priority to anti-slip protection and underfoot safety. They moreover set great store by hygienic materials that are easy to clean and will remain attractive looking over the long term. These are all criteria that are especially important to decision-makers in the area of hotel or residential construction. Aesthetic aspects such as the shower design, or its range of dimensions and colours, are less relevant as shower selection criteria.


Steel enamel best meets architects’ requirements

In the opinion of architects, the particular advantages offered by steel enamel shower surfaces are the material’s hygiene and ease of cleaning, and its reliable impermeability.

When asked to name the advantages of a tiled shower area, only two per cent of the firms surveyed specified “impermeability” as the top criterion. In terms of hygiene and ease of cleaning too, the tiled shower scores far lower than steel enamel (15 per cent) with a mere 5 per cent. This may be down to unpleasant experiences with damage caused by water penetration, or stubborn staining of tile seams – both of which can lead to high follow-on costs. In these areas, enamelled shower surfaces are far superior to tiled showers. This is because complete steel enamel solutions – such as those delivered by premium manufacturer KALDEWEI – allow for absolutely watertight installation and there are no seams in the wet area. For the best possible underfoot safety, these enamelled shower surfaces can additionally be fitted with KALDEWEI’s anti-slip coating, Secure Plus.

Preferred material for the entire bathroom

Looking at bathroom design as a whole – from shower surface to bathtub to washbasin – architects believe that steel enamel offers further advantages: 77 per cent of those surveyed cite stability and 60 per cent the durability of the material as valuable qualities. They thus associate steel enamel with exceptional robustness and longevity. Together with the ease of cleaning, this material is the guarantee of attractive bathrooms with no signs of wear-and-tear over decades. These are convincing reasons for architects and interior designers to prefer steel enamel not only for floor-level shower surface design but for the entire bathroom fit-out – especially as the manufacturer, KALDEWEI, guarantees this material’s exceptional qualities with a 30-year warranty.

About the survey

On behalf of KALDEWEI, the market research department of Heinze GmbH in Celle examined what criteria architects deem to be important when designing a floor-level shower area, and what materials they prefer. 213 architectural firms throughout Germany were surveyed. The survey was conducted online on the basis of a standardised questionnaire during the period from 16 December 2015 to 18 January 2016.

Source: Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG. Copy requested.

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Floor-level shower surfaces are a big trend.

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The Top 5 criteria for architects when designing a floor-level shower.

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Architects are convinced by the following qualities of floor-level shower surfaces made of steel enamel: ease of cleaning and hygiene, safety, impermeability, ease of assembly and stability.

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According to the latest representative survey conducted on behalf of premium bathroom manufacturer KALDEWEI, architects and designers primarily want safe solutions when designing a floor-level shower area: 99%of these surveyed say that long-term impermeability is “very important” or “important” and they believe that this criterion is best met by floor-level shower surfaces made of steel enamel. Pictured: KALDEWEI Conoflat shower surface

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With a virtually invisible surface coating – KALDEWEI Secure Plus – the premium manufacturer’s enamelled shower surfaces provide exceptional underfoot safety and have excellent anti-slip properties. Pictured: KALDEWEI Scona shower surface with Secure Plus



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KALDEWEI’s enamelled shower surfaces are very low-maintenance and easy to clean. Unlike tiled shower areas, no dirt and bacteria can accumulate in the seam-free surface of steel enamel. Pictured: KALDEWEI Scona shower surface with fully enamelled waste cover

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