Gotthard-Zeit ski and wellness hotel dazzles with KALDEWEI trinity

Ahlen, september 2017. – The pleasures of winter sport coupled with exquisite comfort: the family-run 4-star superior Gotthard-Zeit Hotel in Ötztal, Tyrol, is the perfect holiday choice for sport lovers and those wishing to unwind. Following extensive remodelling in conjunction with the architectural firm of Haid & Falkner, the rooms now offer even more space and living comfort. The newly designed hotel bathrooms are dazzling with bathtub, washbasin and shower surface made of superior KALDEWEI steel enamel producing an exquisite design trinity, bringing harmony to the bathroom thanks to the use of a single material and design vocabulary.

From hotel straight onto the piste: it is not only the Gotthard-Zeit Hotel’s superb location in the heart of the Obergurgl-Hochgurgl ski region that winter sport fans appreciate. After a long day of skiing they can enjoy the 4-star superior property’s extensive amenities. 14 rooms, two suites, an 85 m² apartment and the dining room are now once again resplendent. The refurbishment also involved enlarging the guest bedrooms and adding a residential section. A pleasant ambience has been created thanks to the hotel’s alpine, light-filled style with plenty of wood and natural colours.

KALDEWEI product portfolio wins over discerning hotel interior designers

In modernising the guest bathrooms the hotel management and planners made premium comfort and perfectly coordinated design elements their top priorities – resulting in integrated bathroom solutions made of superior KALDEWEI steel enamel. “We want the bathrooms to exude quality of life and homeliness whereby great store should be set by high-end materials and professional craftsmanship,” explains project manager Thomas Falkner from the architectural firm of Haid & Falkner. Given these criteria, the modernisers found the KALDEWEI product portfolio persuasive. “We were easily able to integrate the KALDEWEI products into all of the bathrooms, both technically and in terms of colour. The visual design also fitted in perfectly with the overall concept.”

Harmonious bathroom fit-out with KALDEWEI design trinity

The result: a harmonious atmosphere in the bathroom suite thanks to a trinity of KALDEWEI products – enamelled Conoflat shower surface, the Cono twin washbasin and the Plaza Duo bathtub with integrated KALDEWEI Sound Wave bathroom audio system. Perfectly coordinated in terms of design, material and colour, the KALDEWEI bathroom solutions produce a stylish overall look and invite the guest to linger and relax.

Gotthard-Zeit Hotel – Profile:

Classification: 4-star Superior
Number of rooms: 12 rooms, 2 single rooms, two suites, 1 apartment
KALDEWEI products: Cono washbasins, enamelled Conoflat shower surfaces, Plaza Duo bathtubs with Sound Wave, Cayono and Puro bathtubs



Source: Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG. Copy requested.

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The 4-star superior Gotthard-Zeit Hotel in Ötztal, Tyrol provides the ideal conditions for sport lovers and those seeking recreation to enjoy the perfect feel-good holiday.

Source: © Hotel Gotthard-Zeit / Haid & Falkner GmbH  |  1_KALDEWEI_Hotel_Gotthard-Zeit_Tirol.jpg

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Thanks to the extensive refurbishment in partnership with the architectural firm of Haid & Falkner the rooms at the Gotthard-Zeit Hotel now offer even more space and comfort. Light-filled rooms with plenty of wood and natural colours guarantee a pleasant atmosphere.

Source: © Hotel Gotthard-Zeit / Haid & Falkner GmbH  |  2_KALDEWEI_Hotel_Gotthard-Zeit_Suite.jpg

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In the newly designed bathrooms a trinity of KALDEWEI bathtub, washbasin and shower surface produce a harmonious atmosphere. The design, material and colours are all perfectly coordinated. The Plaza Duo bathtub with integrated Sound Wave bathroom audio system – with mountain panorama thrown in for good measure – is an irresistible invitation to enjoy a pleasurable bath.

Source: © KALDEWEI  |  3_KALDEWEI_Cono_Plaza_Duo_Sound_Wave.jpg

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Made of superior KALDEWEI steel enamel and using a single design vocabulary, the floor-level Conoflat shower surface and the Cono twin washbasin complement each other to perfection and lend the space an elegant aesthetic.

Source: © KALDEWEI  |  4_KALDEWEI_Conoflat_Cono.jpg

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With its clean, soothing lines, KALDEWEI’s Cono countertop washbasin combines aesthetic and user-friendliness. The square enamelled waste outlet accentuates the underlying geometry of the Cono product family. Thanks to an invisible overflow, the beauty of the washbasin’s design is displayed to best effect.

Source: © KALDEWEI  |  5_KALDEWEI_Cono.jpg

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Designed for KALDEWEI by the illustrious Milan-based design firm of Sottsass Associati, the multi award-winning Conoflat shower surface is extremely flat, facilitating trip-free access.

Source: © KALDEWEI  |  6_KALDEWEI_Conoflat.jpg

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The exquisitely designed enamelled waste cover fits seamlessly into the surface of the KALDEWEI Conoflat, guaranteeing step-free showering pleasure.

Source: © KALDEWEI  |  7_KALDEWEI_Conoflat.jpg