Installation report: installing KALDEWEI’s Nexsys is so easy

KALDEWEI, Ahlen, October 2019. – With 17 colours, 20 sizes and its extraordinary design, KALDEWEI Nexsys is fast becoming a favourite with developers and architects. Systems mechanic Sandra Henke shows why bathroom installers also like this floor-level shower with channel look and demonstrates its easy, fast and secure installation in four steps.

The entire system comes in a single package
KALDEWEI Nexsys can be installed with a built height of as little as 86 millimetres, making it the ideal solution even for floors with low construction depth. The factory-assembled 4-in-1 system consisting of waste channel, sloping support, sealing and enamelled shower surface, is delivered in a single package together with sound insulation tape.

Step 1: Position and connect the waste fitting
The Nexsys waste fitting is simply positioned in the sound-insulated screed cavity and connected. A membrane furthermore seals the fitting on the screed side. Two KALDEWEI waste fittings which are suitable for different built heights are available for the Nexsys.

Step 2: Height adjustment – without drying times if so desired
The height is adjusted by creating a screed base or – without need for drying – a rigid foam substructure.

Step 3: Fit Nexsys with its support and connect the shower channel
Next the support, shower surface and the pre-attached sealing tapes are fitted into the cavity, and the shower channel – which has been cut to length – is connected. For optimal sound insulation, sound insulation tape attached to the sloping support is included. The flexible sealing tapes can be integrated easily and securely into the bathroom’s composite seal. After that, the bathroom can be tiled.

Step 4: Insertion of design cover
Finally, a silicon seam is applied all round, and the design cover inserted. Finished!

Sandra Hunke knows what counts when it comes to bathroom design and appreciates the benefits that the Nexsys installation offers: “KALDEWEI Nexsys’s 4-in-1 system stays sealed and can be installed quickly. Insert the system – finished!” The result is a floor-level shower that looks like a tiled channel shower but offers all the benefits of an enamelled shower surface such as impermeability, ease of maintenance and longevity.


Source: Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG. Copy requested.

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Systems mechanic Sandra Hunke demonstrates the installation of the shower surface in just four steps.

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The entire system comes in a single package.

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Step 1: Position and connect the waste fitting.

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Step 2: Height adjustment – without drying times if so desired.

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Step 3: Fit Nexsys with its support and connect the shower channel.

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Step 4: Insertion of design cover.

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