A beautiful bathroom is achievable – whatever your budget

KALDEWEI, Ahlen, October 2019. – Studies show: There is huge demand for personalised bathroom design. Ideally, we would all prefer to fit out our bathrooms to suit our personal tastes and needs, without compromising on quality. However, individual bathroom dreams can clash with the reality of higher costs that exceed our budget. Bathroom specialist KALDEWEI, shows that individual comfort and personal taste in the bathroom doesn’t have to be about money. The manufacturer, offers attractive bathroom solutions to suit every pocket, from starter bathroom to superior comfort bathroom to luxury bathroom. All KALDEWEI showers, baths and washbasins are made of superior steel enamel, making them extra long-lasting, sustainable and beautiful.

The starter bathroom for the budget-conscious
KALDEWEI’s Cayono model family is the perfect solution for those who value quality and comfort when fitting out their bathroom but don’t want to overstretch their budget. Shower, washbasin and bath are available for as little as £1,785. It’s not only the design of KALDEWEI bathroom solutions that is a highly attractive and perfectly coordinated. Comfort is key as well: walk-in access is a great advantage of the floor-level shower surface, the bath has plenty of space for up to two bathers, while the washbasin features KALDEWEI’s easy-clean finish as standard. The distinctive “Made in Germany” quality and the longevity – reinforced with a 30-year guarantee – are additional benefits for builders and developers.

Bathroom comfort for the discerning
For those who want even more personalisation in their bathroom are well-advised to choose the coloured solutions from the Cono design family. The characteristics of this product family are the perfect interplay of clarity and calm, combined with a clean-lined look – ideal for discerning individuals who wish to make their bathroom into a space in which to relax body and mind. The built-in Conoduo bath with its minimalist lines and centrally-positioned steel enamel waste cover is not only an eye-catching feature in the bathroom but, thanks to its size and two ergonomic backrests, also the ideal place for two people to enjoy a relaxing bath together. To coordinate with the bath, we have the floor-level Conoflat shower surface: flat design with no tripping hazard. The rectangular Miena washbasin bowl goes perfectly with the Cono family bath and shower. The lightness of the Miena, a design icon, creates a distinctive accent in this trinity of products. For that added special touch opt for a dark matt shade from the exclusive Coordinated Colours Collection. The coloured KALDEWEI bathroom solutions produce a highly distinctive ambience and elegant look in the bathroom. The trinity of bath, shower and washbasin in City-Anthracite matt is available for as little as £4,194.

The luxury bathroom for the ultimate bathing experience
Time is precious. For those spending a lot of time in the bathroom and wanting to turn it into a luxurious personal sanctuary for regeneration are happy to invest more money in it. The ensemble designed by Anke Salomon, consisting of the freestanding KALDEWEI Meisterstück Incava bath and the Miena washbasin bowls is a clear winner: the narrow bath rim and the conically shaped panelling lend the bath an especially light feel. This is mirrored in the delicate Miena washbasin bowls. Miena is a perfect example of how to harmoniously combine stable steel and elegant glass. The overall look of the room is rounded off by the floor-level Xetis shower surface which virtually disappears into the bathroom floor. Ultra seamless look: thanks to an integrated wall waste outlet, no waste cover in the floor detracts from the minimalist design of this jointless shower in XXL format. The KALDEWEI bathroom solutions in this luxury bathroom cost around £10,263.


Source: Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG. Copy requested.

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KALDEWEI Cayonoplan shower surface, wall-hung Puro washbasin, Cayono Duo bath: total price approx. £1,785.

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Enamelled Cayonoplan shower surface

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Wall-hung Puro washbasin

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KALDEWEI Miena washbasin bowl, Conoflat shower surface, Conoduo bath, all in City- Anthracite matt from the Coordinated Colours Collection, total price approx. £4,194.

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Miena washbasin bowl in City-Anthracite matt

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Conoflat shower surface in City-Anthracite matt

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Conoduo bath in City-Anthracite matt

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KALDEWEI Miena washbasin bowls, Meisterstück Incava bath, Xetis shower surface, total price approx. £10,263.

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Xetis shower surface

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Miena washbasin bowls

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Meisterstück Incava bath

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