The bathroom: a sanctuary in times of stress

KALDEWEI, Ahlen, June 2020 – People are currently spending a lot of time within their own four walls. What with WFH, child care and other daily duties, we often have little room for relaxation and soothing moments. At times like these it is the bathroom that is the best space for calm, retreat and silence, where we can recharge our batteries. As a manufacturer of premium bathrooms KALDEWEI sees itself not only as a lover of design but also as a source of inspiration for a relaxed time-out at home. With the perfectly coordinated design combination of Miena washbasin bowl, Meisterstück Conoduo bathtub and Conoflat shower, the bathroom is transformed into a stylish place for regeneration.

Treat your senses with the Meisterstück Conoduo
The Meisterstück Conoduo forms the basis of a soothing bathroom. This bathtub is key with its sophisticated design and impeccable aesthetic: architectural, geometric and seamless. For the perfect bathing experience, the Sound Wave bathtub audio system is available on request. This system turns the bathtub into an elegant sounding body. With a smartphone, laptop or tablet, you can enjoy your music collection via Bluetooth in a completely new way. Now all you have to do is lean back and relax – comfortably propped up, perhaps, with a KALDEWEI bath cushion that moulds itself perfectly to your neck. with, a valve that  allows you to adjust it to your required level of cushioning at will. 

Floor-level Conoflat shower rounds off design concept
For superb comfort with no compromises, KALDEWEI also offers accessible solutions that are a must in the modern bathroom. Thanks to the ingenious design concept, the floor-level Conoflat shower is the perfect visual complement to the tasteful Conoduo bathtub, it provides an extremely flat design with no tripping hazards. The enamelled waste cover integrates smoothly into the floor-level surface of the shower. This delightful feast for the eyes in your own bathroom is completed by the Miena washbasin bowls. Delicate, fine-edged, in gorgeous colours and in minimalist design, the venerable company’s classic product line fits perfectly into the coordinated concept for wellbeing in the bathroom.

Sustainable, hygienic and long-lasting: KALDEWEI steel enamel
Hygiene is particularly important in times like these – especialy in the bathroom. As with all of its high-quality products, KALDEWEI also uses its unique material – KALDEWEI steel enamel – for this bathroom concept. The non-porous vitreous surface guarantees hygiene and ultra-easy cleaning. When you wash your hands, dirt and germs are simply rinsed away with the water – no tiresome wiping and cleaning required. In addition the material is exceptionally robust so it can’t be damaged by cosmetics or cleaning agents. A further plus for steel enamel: it is 100 % recyclable. In other words, this elegant combination of steel and glass not only looks fabulous but also allows you to do your bit towards resource conservation.


Source: Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG. Copy requested.

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An ingenious and perfectly coordinated design concept. With the Miena washbasin bowls, Meisterstück Conoduo bathtub and Conoflat shower, the bathroom is transformed into your very own home spa. Products shown: Miena washbasin bowls in alpine white, KALDEWEI Meisterstück Conoduo in alpine white and Conoflat shower in woodberry brown.

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The Meisterstück Conoduo forms an excellent basis for enjoying spa pleasures in your own bathroom. On requested, the bathtub can be upgraded with the exclusive Sound Wave add-on system. Products shown: Meisterstück Conoduo in alpine white.

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The floor-level Conoflat shower surface is not only beautifully minimalist but also highly functional in an accessible bathroom. Woodberry brown matt from the KALDEWEI Coordinated Colours Collection perfectly rounds off the colour concept. Products shown: Conoflat shower in woodberry brown.

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