KALDEWEI Skin Touch: Bathing pleasure with rejuvenating results

Ahlen, June 2015. – More supple, smoother and younger-looking skin after just one bath: the new beauty sensation “KALDEWEI Skin Touch” turns a bath into a fountain of youth. The system uses the revitalising effect of pure oxygen, producing an incomparable bathing experience with unique cosmetic results.

KALDEWEI Skin Touch combines the ultimate relaxation of a bath with luxurious, deep-penetrating body care. Microfine air bubbles flow into the bath water and enrich it with natural oxygen, producing an instantly noticeable anti-aging effect. Cell production and circulation are stimulated, skin is deeply cleansed, lines and wrinkles are smoothed – all entirely without bath additives. The tiny air bubbles disperse evenly through the tub like a delicate bath milk, softly caressing the body. The result is skin that feels velvety-smooth and silky from head to foot and stays that way long after a bath as well.

With Skin Touch, a bath in a KALDEWEI bathtub made of natural steel enamel is transformed into a deeply satisfying regeneration and body care experience. A discreet jet enriches the water with tiny bubbles of air which are up to 100 times smaller than those in whirl baths and significantly increase the oxygen content of the bathwater. Skin Touch is available for most of the approximately 200 KALDEWEI bathtubs. It is fitted flush with the side wall and operates at a very low volume – the absolutely ideal conditions for a relaxing beauty bath!


Source: Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG. Copy requested.

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KALDEWEI Conoduo with Skin Touch. KALDEWEI Skin Touch adds a completely new dimension of deeply satisfying relaxation and body care to the bathtub. The natural power of oxygen – in the shape of microfine air bubbles – revitalises skin cells, producing an exhilarating, rejuvenating sensation. Skin feels noticeably suppler and smoother.

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KALDEWEI Conoduo with Skin Touch. The tiny bubbles of air flowing into the tub disperse evenly through the bath like a delicate bath milk, gently caressing one’s body. Skin Touch is available for most of the approximately 200 KALDEWEI bathtubs.

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The result of a bath with KALDEWEI Skin Touch: velvety-smooth, silky skin from head to toe that stays that way long after a bath as well.

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