KA 90 ultra flat: installed height of only 61 millimetres for floor-level showers

Ahlen, May 2015. – With KA 90 ultra flat KALDEWEI now delivers an exceptionally flat waste fitting for floor-level showers. The new generation of patented KALDEWEI waste fittings are distinguished by their low installed height of only 61 millimetres, making them perfect for the floor-level installation of enamelled shower surfaces – a major asset when it comes to bathroom refurbishments. A total of four new fittings are available for virtually every installation situation.

The KA 90 more than holds its own in comparison with conventional channel drainage systems used for tiled wetfloors. The KA 90 ultra flat is only 61 millimetres high. Even in the case of standard installation with a sealing water height of 50 millimetres, the KA 90 still delivers with a total height of only 81 millimetres, making it almost two centimetres flatter than standard drainage systems for tiled shower areas. Apart from the low total height, the KA 90 also scores with its excellent drain away performance which, depending on the model, ranges from 0.8 to 1.4 litres per second, ensuring that water drains reliably and quickly.

For plumbers, the new KALDEWEI KA 90 waste systems open up many advantages because, apart from enabling very low-profile installation, enamelled shower surfaces can be positioned at will in the room, affording far greater flexibility when designing bathrooms.

Using a combination of waste fitting, enamelled shower surface, assembly system, sound insulation, and sealing system, installers are provided with a complete KALDEWEI system from a single source, thus securing themselves a profitable job for the entire shower area. Perfectly coordinated components guarantee easy and fast assembly at the customer’s home or premises. Other features – such as the easy-care KALDEWEI easy-clean surface finish, the anti-slip enamel finish KALDEWEI Secure Plus or KALDEWEI Antislip, and special colour collections – offer installers attractive scope for additional sales.

Trade visitors to ISH in Frankfurt have already seen for themselves the unique benefits of the new KA 90 waste fittings which can be combined with all enamelled shower surfaces from KALDEWEI with a 90-series fitting. Exceptional product solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of installers and customers make KALDEWEI the all-round ideal partner for floor-level showers.

Source: Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG. Copy requested.

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A major asset when it comes to bathroom refurbishments: with the enamelled Scona shower surface and the KA 90 waste fitting, KALDEWEI now delivers an ultra flat solution for floor-level showers.

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Thanks to the low installed height of just 61 millimetres, KA 90 ultra flat offers greater flexibility for positioning enamelled shower surfaces in the bathroom, making it particularly suitable for refurbishments.

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The new generation of patented KALDEWEI waste fittings are ultra flat and have an exceptionally low installed height. The KA 90 ultra flat’s installation height is only 61 millimetres – 20 millimetres less than conventional tiled wetfloors.

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At the ISH 2015 the premium manufacturer impressively demonstrated just how much flatter floor-level showers from KALDEWEI are with KA 90, compared with conventional channel systems used for tiled shower floors. Plumbing and design trade visitors were completely won over by KA 90’s benefits in the one-on-one comparison of the various solutions.