Which shower type am I?

Ahlen, April 2014. – Much in life is a question of type. From the choice of outfit through to the furnishing of our own four walls. Modern spatial design in particular opens up many options for us today to accommodate functionality to our own needs, wants and preferences. The bathroom is one such place that can be individually styled to answer the demands of daily life, family situation and aesthetic standards. A brief typology of showering reveals what exactly distinguishes the various user types and which shower is ideal for them.

Pleasure showerer: looking for a harmonious time-out
Those who like to indulge and regenerate body and soul are given to linger that little bit extra under a nice hot shower. The bathroom for pleasure showerers is a personal retreat in which to relax. The stylish and open concept of the room is as important to them as are comfort, modern design, high-quality materials and a harmonious colour scheme. KALDEWEI’s enamelled shower surfaces in the natural matt shades of the Coordinated Colours Collection are the right choice here for pleasure showerers. They allow floor-level showers such as the KALDEWEI Conoflat to blend aesthetically with the surrounding surfaces to create a uniquely pleasant ambience in the bathroom in twelve natural shades including Seashell Cream matt, Oyster Grey matt and Lava Black matt.

Quick showerers: the bathroom as a transit station
Quick box stop before work or after sport: This type likes to jump in the shower several times a day, if necessary, for a quick rinse and a bit of refreshment. They often lack the time for a more extended visit to the bathroom. Quick showerers use their bathroom more under functional aspects and therefore prefer materials that are durable and easy to clean. The floor-level shower Xetis made of KALDEWEI steel enamel has material properties and special design features – it comes with an integrated wall outlet instead of standard floor drain – that makes it ideal for this type of showerer. For those who like it particularly quick, premium manufacturer KALDEWEI can also provide the enamelled shower surface with its proprietary easy-clean finish. As a special surface coating it ensures that the water runs off the shower effortlessly taking with it virtually any dirt particles and limescale. Thanks to its smooth surface, the enamelled shower surface dries off quickly and looks as good as new for many decades – guaranteed for 30 years.

Family showerer: room to move at any age
In many households the bathroom is used by different generations. It is the home of the family showerer. Enamelled shower surfaces from KALDEWEI score with this type of showerer because of their generous dimensions. KALDEWEI’s Superplan XXL, for instance, is available up to a size of 150 x 150 cm. Joint showers with Junior become child’s play. A further bonus: All floor-level showers from KALDEWEI can be provided with anti-slip surface finishes such as KALDEWEI Secure Plus. This keeps young and old safe in the shower. And when grandma and grandpa come to visit for the weekend, they will appreciate the conveniently barrier-free access to the shower.

Be it pleasure showerers, quick showerers or family showerers: KALDEWEI offers enamelled shower surfaces as the ideal solution for any type.

Source: Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG. Copy requested.

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Pleasure showerers deliberately take time out from the stresses of daily life in the bathroom. For them, design and comfort go hand in hand when it comes to the room concept. Enamelled shower surfaces in the shades of KALDEWEI’s Coordinated Colours Collection blend harmoniously with the surrounding colour scheme to create a relaxing haven of wellbeing for the pleasure showerer.

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For the quick showerer, everything in the bathroom is a matter of timing. From a quick rinse to freshen up right through to cleaning the shower, everything is done at a racy pace. As a functional type, he or she therefore prefers materials in the bathroom that are durable and easy to clean, such as KALDEWEI steel enamel.

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Enamelled shower surfaces from KALDEWEI score with the family showerer because of their generous sizes. The robust steel enamel surface even copes with sandy little feet after a day at the playground. A further advantage: The floor-level showers from premium manufacturer KALDEWEI are optionally available with anti-slip surface finishes. This keeps young and old safe in the shower.

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