KALDEWEI steel enamel: the holistic solution for hotel bathrooms

Ahlen, June 2015. – When it comes to fitting-out hotel bathrooms, KALDEWEI steel enamel has been demonstrating its distinctive practical benefits for decades. KALDEWEI has therefore decided to apply this clearly superior material to the washbasins that now round out the wide-ranging KALDEWEI product portfolio. The premium manufacturer thus opens up new, exciting design options for hotel bathrooms with high-end bathroom solutions made of KALDEWEI steel enamel, allowing the perfect combination of beautifully coordinated design and a single material.

Versatile and great mixers
The five washbasin design lines in this new KALDEWEI segment offer plenty of scope for mixing and matching in hotel bathrooms: the enamelled shower surfaces and bathtubs of Puro, Cono and Centro, now have washbasins to complement these successful KALDEWEI product families. Two new design series, Silenio and Emerso, create fresh impetus in aesthetic bathroom design, picking up on the given characteristic design elements of bath or shower surface, thus enabling harmonious bathroom design with a uniform style, material and colour. The washbasins are available in various sizes depending on the model series and, cleverly, can be installed in many different ways: from undercounter basin to recessed or countertop model with two different edge heights, through to wall-mounted options, and even a freestanding model from the Meisterstücke collection. Thanks to the outstanding material properties of KALDEWEI steel enamel and easy-clean finish as a standard feature, KALDEWEI washbasins are also ideal for frequently used public toilets in hotels and restaurants.

Great benefits for owners and operators
In addition to the visual advantages, the new KALDEWEI washbasins also stand out because of their excellent cost-effectiveness. Cleaning KALDEWEI steel enamel surfaces is very quick and eco-friendly. They are highly durable and show no signs of wear and tear, even after years of use by a constant stream of guests. Products made of KALDEWEI steel enamel thus ensure lower running costs and less frequent refurbishment – making them worthwhile for hoteliers and investors in the long term. “KALDEWEI steel enamel is robust and easy to maintain – and it isn’t only the quality of KALDEWEI products that convinces but also the promise that comes with them: a 30-year warranty is only given by someone who is 100 percent behind their products. We calculate that a hotel bathroom has to last for at least 15 years. That’s no problem with products from KALDEWEI,” says Bernhard Langemeyer, General Manager of the Sheraton Düsseldorf Airport Hotel, who has been relying for many years on high quality bathroom solutions from KALDEWEI.

KALDEWEI: a partner of the international hotel industry
The premium manufacturer KALDEWEI demonstrates its competence as a partner of the international hotel industry time and again with long-lasting, functional product solutions which also meet the highest standards of design. Shower surfaces, bathtubs and washbasins made of unique KALDEWEI steel enamel allow bathroom designers to create a perfectly coordinated bathroom of outstanding quality – for all hotel categories, and individually customised to meet specific requirements.

Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG is a worldwide partner for iconic bathroom solutions shaped from superior steel enamel. With a portfolio of over 500 shower surfaces, bathtubs and washbasins, the premium manufacturer provides perfectly coordinated solutions for project business and private clients – featuring a uniform material throughout and harmonious design KALDEWEI steel enamel products have demonstrated their distinctive material advantages in the bathroom over decades. The company has been recognised as a “Brand of the Century” and, thanks to its collaboration with internationally renowned design companies, has received over 100 design awards. Founded in 1918, KALDEWEI is now represented in more than 70 countries around the world, either by its own subsidiaries or by sales partners.

Source: Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG. Copy requested.

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With washbasins made of KALDEWEI steel enamel, hoteliers have fresh scope for bathroom design: combined with the premium manufacturer’s enamelled shower surfaces or bathtubs, harmonious design can be created using a single material throughout.<br /><br />Photo: Cono countertop washbasins and Meisterstück Conoduo bath

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Perfectly coordinated with the design of existing product families, the new washbasins superbly complement KALDEWEI enamelled shower surfaces. With over 50,000 product varieties, the premium manufacturer opens up diverse, flexible options for floor-level shower design in hotel bathrooms. Thanks to precisely fitting complete systems, the enamelled shower surfaces from KALDEWEI require less installation depth below the floor than conventional tiled wet floors – both in the case of new installations and refurbishments. So whatever the room situation, KALDEWEI offers the perfect solution.<br /><br />Photo: Centro countertop washbasins and enamelled Superplan Plus shower surface.

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With five design lines – in many different sizes and available as wall-mounted, recessed, undercounter or countertop models – KALDEWEI provides facility managers with the right washbasin for every bathroom.<br /><br />Photo: Cono undercounter washbasin

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All KALDEWEI washbasins are made of unique KALDEWEI steel enamel and feature ease of maintenance, robustness and stability – guaranteed for 30 years. They are therefore suitable not only for hotel bathrooms, but also for frequently used public toilets in hotels and restaurants.<br /><br />Picture: Centro countertop washbasins

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The KALDEWEI portfolio contains an exclusive product solution for hotels with particularly demanding design requirements: the Meisterstücke Emerso. The Meisterstück Emerso washbasin, whose edge curves gently inwards, is the beautifully shaped counterpart to the bathtub of the same name. The KALDEWEI Meisterstücke Emerso collection was created by star designer Arik Levy.<br /><br />Photo: freestanding Meisterstück Emerso washbasins and Meisterstück Emerso bathtub

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