KALDEWEI Meisterstücke: Inspiration and individuality

Ahlen, October 2014. – Modern bathroom architecture tends to break with conventional room concepts and classic design patterns. Architects and designers today focus primarily on individuality and exclusivity. The free-standing “KALDEWEI Meisterstücke” baths with perpendicular panelling inspire new ideas and leave room for creativity. A prominent feature in the bathroom, they turn the focus on the ultimate benefit – a relaxing bath – and tap into the emotions: through the design, through the material and through the ambience.

The KALDEWEI Meisterstücke represent a new generation of free-standing baths made of KALDEWEI steel enamel. Perpendicular panelling in a seamless finish for flawless perfection in every detail make the Meisterstücke from KALDEWEI a unique object of modern bathroom culture. Three different bath shapes – rectangular, oval or with a spacious rim on one side – with their own design language open up new creative scope for individual design. Based on model and room concept, they integrate harmoniously with the bathroom architecture or as a stand-alone feature add a striking design highlight and luxurious focal point to the room.

Prestigious design awards for exceptional design
The pioneering design concept of the KALDEWEI Meisterstücke also impressed the jury panels of several prestigious design awards. Already singled out for the “Interior Innovation Award – Best of Best 2014” ahead of its official launch, the free-standing Meisterstück Centro Duo Oval bath recently added the “German Design Award 2015”, the “Iconic Award 2014 – Best of Best” and the “Focus Open 2014” Silver as further awards. With more than 100 design awards, KALDEWEI is one of the most lauded bathroom manufacturers in the world.

Source: Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG. Copy requested.

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KALDEWEI Meisterstuecke Inspiration und Individualitaet
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Perfectly elegant with an oval shape, the “Meisterstück Centro Duo Oval” forms an exciting contrast to the architecture. The free-standing bath becomes a solitary feature and luxurious focal point in the room.

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The “Meisterstück Conoduo” is defined by a strictly geometrical outside paired with a clear, purist design. The bath features well especially in a bathroom where architecture is reduced to the essential elements. Combined with a floor-level shower surface and thanks to the special material properties of KALDEWEI steel enamel, the “Meisterstück Conoduo” also lends itself perfectly for use in the luxury bathrooms of international hotels.

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The “Meisterstück Asymmetric Duo” combines exclusive design with luxurious comfort to provide a bathing experience of the highest standard. The clear lines of the asymmetric, wide bath rim on one side provide a charming contrast to the flowing, ergonomic interior. These elements are easily embraced in the bathroom design leaving the bath to integrate smoothly with the room concept. For an extra special wellness experience, the KALDEWEI Meisterstücke can be combined with the innovative bath audio system Sound Wave: With the bath acting as the sound box, the user can literally immerse in favourite tunes. Better still, with KALDEWEI Sound Wave, the sounds are more than audible – they can be gently felt through the bath water.

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