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KALDEWEI Secure Plus – for a sensuous and safe shower experience

KALDEWEI Secure Plus – for a sensuous and safe shower experience

Ahlen, November 2014. – Secure Plus from KALDEWEI opens up a new chapter in surface finishes. The premium manufacturer now presents the first virtually invisible full-surface finish for enamelled shower panels made of KALDEWEI steel enamel. Secure Plus provides security at the highest level – and lets the design of the shower surface speak for itself.

Today’s modern bathrooms are designed not only with functional aspects in mind; they must also meet the user’s idea of aesthetics and design. An important factor here is individual adaptation to the varying lifestyles and situations of people. A world first, Secure Plus from KALDEWEI for the first time provides enamelled shower surfaces in the twelve exclusive matt colours of the Coordinated Colours Collection with a virtually invisible, yet reliable anti-slip finish for optimised safety underfoot. A floor-level shower surface with KALDEWEI Secure Plus therefore has advantages not only in terms of comfort and barrier-free access; it also guarantees design-oriented aesthetics in the bathroom.

(Stylishly) safe showering with Secure Plus
The Secure Plus enamel is permanently fired onto the shower panel made of superior KALDEWEI steel enamel. The result is a smooth material surface that guarantees complete and lasting safety and comfort underfoot. Full-surface enamelling means the anti-slip effect is virtually invisible.

KALDEWEI provides reliable quality. Floor-level enamelled shower surfaces with Secure Plus finish appeal in visual and safety aspects as much as with the outstanding material and hygiene properties of KALDEWEI steel enamel. The premium quality material is highly durable, robust and easy to clean. Not even microscopically small scratches appear on the pore-free surface despite years of use, leaving nowhere for dirt and bacteria to settle. Showering becomes an all-round safe affair, not only in the private bathroom. Thanks to the many advantages of KALDEWEI steel enamel, enamelled shower surfaces with Secure Plus are also a reliable choice for bathrooms with stringent standards of safety and hygiene and easy-to-clean facilities, such as in hotels, hospitals or nursing homes.

Innovation and quality – guaranteed
As a world first, Secure Plus underlines once more KALDEWEI’s material expertise in steel enamel. Constant optimisation of this unique material is strict policy at KALDEWEI as a pioneer in bathroom culture. Special focus is given to anti-slip surface finishes. Adding Secure Plus to anti-slip and full anti-slip enamel, KALDEWEI now offers three product solutions to match individual requirements.

KALDEWEI Secure Plus meets the standards of Quality Class B for barefoot wet areas (DIN 51097) and Quality Class R 10 for anti-slip properties in workplaces and work areas with increased slip risk (DIN 51130). The Secure Plus anti-slip finish is available for floor-level enamelled shower surfaces in the Conoflat, Superplan, Superplan Plus and Xetis ranges in all colours of the Coordinated Coulours Collection.

Source: Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG. Copy requested.

KALDEWEI Secure Plus - for a sensuos and safe shower experience
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