KALDEWEI washbasins: durable, hygienic, easy to clean

KALDEWEI washbasins: durable, hygienic, easy to clean

Ahlen, July 2015. – When it comes to public toilets, cleanliness, hygiene and great durability are equally important to both facility managers and users. With washbasins made of steel enamel, KALDEWEI now offers the perfect solution for fitting-out frequently used public toilets.  Thanks to its exceptional surfacequalities, KALDEWEI’s uniquesteel enamel has been proving its worth in bathroom fit-outs for decades.

Be it in hotels, restaurants, hospitals or public facilities, the toilets are amongst the most frequently used areas. The washbasins in particular are exposed to intense use and must therefore meet very high standards with regards to longevity and hygiene. With the introduction of steel enamel washbasins, KALDEWEI has applied the benefits of this superior material , thus meeting these high standards in every respect.

The perfect material: KALDEWEI steel enamel
Thanks to the extraordinary durability and stability of steel enamel, KALDEWEI washbasins can stand up to even the heaviest use, showing no trace of wear-and-tear or discoloration even decades later. KALDEWEI steel enamel washbasins also dazzle in terms of cleanliness: the robust surface prevents the formation of even the tiniest cracks where limescale, dirt and soap residue can accumulate. For even greater ease of maintenance, the washbasins feature the KALDEWEI easy-clean finish as standard. Cleaning KALDEWEI steel enamel washbasins is therefore quick and eco-friendly. This, combined with their exceptional longevity, also makes them extremely cost-effective.

The premium manufacturer goes even further, delivering a unique quality promise on its washbasins with its 30-year KALDEWEI guarantee.

Flexible design options
The new KALDEWEI washbasins are available in five design series – in standard sizes and in five different recessed versions – from undercounter to recessed to countertop models with two different rim heights, through to wall-mounted options and even a freestanding model from the Meisterstücke premium collection.

KALDEWEI: the perfect partner for public washrooms
With its steel enamel washbasins KALDEWEI demonstrates its competence as a partner for fitting out public washrooms. Thanks to its simple and safe installation, uncompromising material quality, and diverse product range, the premium manufacturer is able to offer the ideal solution for any public washroom – be it in a hotel, restaurant, hospital, care home or public toilets.

Source: Franz KALDEWEI GmbH & Co. KG. Copy requested.

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Centro countertop washbasin. The new KALDEWEI washbasins fully meet the demanding requirements of public sanitary amenities. Made of steel enamel and with a 30-year warranty, their great ease of cleaning, longevity and stability make them the ideal choice for heavily-used areas.

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Cono undercounter washbasin. KALDEWEI washbasins feature KALDEWEI easy-clean finish as standard. They are also suitable for use in barrier-free areas.

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Puro recessed washbasin. With five design lines, diverse dimensions and a variety of different fitting options – from undercounter to countertop models – KALDEWEI has just the right washbasin for any room layout.

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Meisterstück Emerso washbasin. KALDEWEI has an exclusive product in its portfolio for public toilets with extra demanding design requirements: the freestanding Emerso washbasin. The design of the KALDEWEI Meisterstücke Emerso collection – comprising both the washbasin and a bathtub of the same name – were created by star designer Arik Levy.

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