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What is the best way to clean a bath made of KALDEWEI steel enamel?

(See also “How do I clean my bath made of KALDEWEI steel enamel with the easy-clean finish?”)

Steel enamelled baths are very easy to clean, with little effort required.

  • After use, rinse the enamel surface with water and wipe with a soft, damp cloth, chamois or sponge.
  • Dry dark coloured products after use to prevent calcium build-up.
  • Remove small stains with a regular household detergent or a mild all-purpose or bathroom cleaner; soak heavier stains before cleaning. Always follow the instructions on the cleaning product.
  • To avoid calcium deposits, ensure that all fittings are properly sealed and that all water is removed after use. Any deposits that do occur despite these efforts can be removed with a lukewarm 1:1 mixture of water and vinegar (do NOT use concentrated vinegar). After cleaning, rinse the surface thoroughly.
  • Personal hygiene products containing naturally occurring oils or fats, such as hair conditioners, shower and bath oils, may leave residue on the enamel surface that will increase the risk of slipping. Use a fat-removing alkaline cleaner to remove these stains and follow up with an acidic cleaner before rinsing the surface with clean water.
  • Always observe the care instructions for the fittings on your product.
  • Do not use coarse, abrasive cleaning products, strong acidic or alkaline cleaners (e.g. concentrated vinegar, chlorinated alkaline cleaners), steel wool, scouring pads, laundry detergents and wash-ing powder or laundry detergent/washing powder suds.

The following link will take you to our care instructions: Care instructions KALDEWEI steel enamel

Please follow the care instructions for the easy-clean finish on baths and shower trays, and all whirlbaths.

How do I clean my bath made of easy-clean KALDEWEI steel enamel?

(standard finish for washbasins, optional for bathtubs and shower trays/surfaces)

  • The same care instructions apply as for our KALDEWEI steel enamel. In addition, carefully observe the following cleaning instructions.
  • Do not use microfibre cloths.
  • Under no circumstances should mortar, tile adhesive or joint filler, building dust, sand and other abrasive materials be allowed to come into contact with the surface finish.

You can download the care instructions here: Care instructions KALDEWEI steel enamel.

How can I clean the non-slip coating on my bath?

(optional for bath-tubs and shower trays/surfaces)

  • The same care instructions apply as for our KALDEWEI steel enamel. In addition, carefully observe the following cleaning instructions.
  • After cleaning, rinse the surface with plenty of water and dry with a shower or window squeegee. Remove stubborn stains using a soft hand brush.
  • Do not use non-lint-free cloths or moist disposable wipes.
  • KALDEWEI CARE accessories (may vary by region): The KALDEWEI Enamel Cleaner is NOT suitable for use on surfaces with non-slip properties.
  • KALDEWEI Secure Plus: Download

My bath / shower tray has tiny brown dots on it that look like little rust marks. Although I remove them, they reappear again a short while later. What are they, and how do I get rid of them permanently?

These are wash-outs from the pipe network, usually particles that contain ferric oxide. They corrode when they come into contact with oxygen and moisture, which is what causes this effect. One of the reasons for this is that when these particles come into contact with limescale, they often behave like crystal and adhere to the bottom of the bath. The solution is to remove these tiny, often microscopically small limescale or other deposits by cleaning the bath.

Please follow the cleaning instructions for plain or easy-clean KALDEWEI steel enamel: Care instructions KALDEWEI steel enamel.

I have stubborn dirt / a stubborn film in my bath / shower tray. What is it, and how can I get rid of it?

This is often a residue that is left after construction (e.g. cement smears, paint or water that has been left in contact with layers of dust for several weeks). Although this film on the glass matrix is hardly visible to the naked eye, it can make the bath feel “dull.”

If you find that your usual cleaning process (see “What is the best way to clean my bath?”) is not enough, your specialist retailer will have a range of special cleaning products and materials. You will find the corresponding product descriptions here: Care instructions KALDEWEI steel enamel.


Can baths made of KALDEWEI steel enamel be damaged by rubber mats or stick-on patterns?

No, the usual commercially available products will not damage the surface of KALDEWEI steel enamel.

It can only become problematic if these inserts are left in the bath permanently. Residual moisture could accumulate under the mat and cause serious marks. Limescale and marks under the mat cannot be rinsed away adequately.
We therefore recommend removing non-slip mats from baths and shower trays directly after use so the bath or shower tray can be cleaned thoroughly.

Can hair dyes, cosmetics or disinfectants damage my bath or shower tray?

KALDEWEI steel enamel is resistant to all cosmetic and medical bath additives and perfumes that are tolerated by the human skin
(e.g. hair dyes). However, certain skincare products, and cleaning detergents in particular, contain ingredients that could, under certain conditions, damage the glass matrix of the enamel. Please observe the information and instructions for use and quantities/concentrations provided by the manufacturers. Always remove all traces of residue from the enamel surface.

What bath additives can I use in a whirlbath?

Special additives are available that contain fragrances but do not leave a residue in conduits or pipes, and so can safely be used in whirl systems. The following are a few pointers. We absolutely advise against the use of foaming substances.

There are many producers of additives for whirlbaths. At the KALDEWEI Competence Centre, we use bath additives by Birke (www.birke-wellness.de, category Water, air & fragrance --> Baths, whirlpools, bathing accessories). Various fragrance are available, and they can also be ordered directly from their website.

Banisan (www.banisan.de) is another manufacturer, and the website also contains further information on their products and a form to contact the manufacturer. These bath additives have been tested by our quality assurance department and confirmed as being unproblematic.


Where can I obtain brochures on KALDEWEI quality products?

You can download our brochures here: Download area, or contact your specialist retailer or KALDEWEI contact.

Where can I obtain advice on KALDEWEI products? Where can I see KALDEWEI products?


Use the following link to find a KALDEWEI consultant in your area: Find a retailer (for addresses in the UK)


How do I recognise a bath or shower tray made by KALDEWEI?

Since March 2007, all KALDEWEI baths, shower trays and whirlbaths have borne a unique, unmistakeable laser logo. The word “KALDEWEI” is on the top of the bath mirror, and cannot be rubbed off or otherwise removed by rubbing.

Why should I choose a KALDEWEI product?

There are lots of reasons for choosing a KALDEWEI bath:

KALDEWEI manufactures its unique steel enamel itself. This is the only way to ensure that all the requirements for a bath or shower tray are met.

KALDEWEI baths and shower trays cannot be scratched by any of the materials that are usually found or used in the bathroom. The surface is particularly easy to clean, inexpensively and ecologically, without having to use any “harsh substances” (two LINKS care and cleaning instructions).

The material thickness of steel enamel guarantees unbeatable stability. KALDEWEI steel enamel is much harder than acrylic. KALDEWEI steel enamel easily survives the “pistol test” to DIN ISO 4532.

KALDEWEI steel enamel has the same surface properties as real glass shower partitions, tiles and ceramic, which means that all the materials in the bathroom match.

Enamel is extremely resistant to ageing: the decorative enamel used on the “Hl. drei Könige” shrine to the Three Magi in Cologne cathedral (AD 600) proves this most impressively.

KALDEWEI steel enamel is acid resistant to DIN ISO 2722, class AA (highest level).

KALDEWEI steel enamel is lightfast and UV resistant, so it does not fade.

Burning or glowing objects (e.g. cigarettes or candles) will not leave burns or smoulder marks on KALDEWEI steel enamel.

Baths made of KALDEWEI steel enamel do not become statically charged, nor do they attract dust when cleaned dry.

KALDEWEI baths and shower trays hardly expand at all in temperature fluctuations, which is why joints never tear or crack, and nor can moisture damage the building structure.

KALDEWEI has been consistently following the path of ecological sustainability for over 90 years. That’s because KALDEWEI manufactures all its high quality enamel products exclusively from natural raw materials. Also in line with the consistent implementation of its material philosophy, all baths and shower trays made of KALDEWEI steel enamel can be completely recycled at the end of their useful lives, which means that the raw materials can be reused straight away to manufacture more steel.

There is a 30-year guarantee on all KALDEWEI baths and shower trays.

Can I use the number of the guarantee pass to establish the bath model?

No, the bath model is not contained in the number of the guarantee pass.

Can I use the serial number on the guarantee pass to find out more about the whirl system and bath model?

No, the whirl type and bath model are not contained in the number of the guarantee pass. However, the serial number can be used to find out about the features from the manufacturer. There are three ways of establishing the serial number:

  1. The number stamped on the guarantee pass for “KALDEWEI WHIRL SYSTEMS”,
  2. The number stamped on page 2 of the German section of the user instructions below the test marks.
  3. The number stamped on the bottom section of the tracking sheet (yellow or white) on the back of the bath.

Do silicone joints need to be renewed?

Permanently elastic joints are known as maintenance joints that require regular inspections, and need to be maintained and renewed as necessary.

Otherwise there is always the risk of moisture seeping into the brickwork and damaging the fabric of the building. Whether and to what extent this maintenance or renewal work needs to be carried out is something that can be assessed by the user in question, and is also determined by the level and intensity of use.

Does water cool down quickly in a bath made of KALDEWEI steel enamel?

No – that’s a total myth! In all baths, irrespective of the material from which they are made, 80% of heat loss is due to external influences such as room temperature, circulation and surface evaporation. Steel is an excellent heat conductor, and quickly adapts to the ambient or water temperature. As the water cools down, the warmth absorbed by the steel is passed back to it. Consumer tests have shown that even the angled back above the water surface warms up.

An optional water heater is available for whirlbaths to maintain a constant water temperature.