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KALDEWEI, Ahlen, October 2019.

Kaldewei redefines one of the year’s biggest home trends

Modern Glamour, or Modern Glam for short, is the art of the unexpected. It’s a combination of minimalism with luxurious elements whereby reflective materials and metal accents bring lustre into the room....

Press – Releases

Ahlen, July 2017.

Enamelled shower surfaces can be installed with even greater ease and securely sealed with Kaldewei’s complete systems

Kaldewei is extending its range of shower solutions, adding new and improved assembly and sealing systems. A clear goal was defined in developing this product:...

Ahlen, July 2017.

Green Good Design Award underpins premium manufacturer’s material advantages

The premium bathroom manufacturer has been honoured with the Green Good Design Award 2017 in the “Products” category for its superior Kaldewei steel enamel. This accolade is one of the world’s most...

Ahlen, March 2017.

In future all washbasins and selected bathtubs will also be available in shades from the Coordinated Colours Collection

The bathroom is increasingly becoming a space where many people seek regeneration and pleasurable relaxation. This can be achieved particularly well where a...

Ahlen, October 2016.

Quality of bathroom shows how much visitors are appreciated

An experience that many of us have shared: good friends or relatives announce a visit at short notice and, of course, we offer them our spare bedroom. Beds are quickly put up, tables and chairs arranged for a cosy...

Ahlen, March 2016.

Kaldewei enhances KA 90 waste fittings for ultra-flat installation

The ultra flat KA 90 waste fitting is now available with a fully enamelled waste cover. It can be used with all Kaldewei shower surfaces with a 90mm waste hole. This means that mid-range shower surfaces such as...

Ahlen, May 2015.

Shower solutions from Kaldewei with new waste fittings are flatter than tiled wetroom floors

With KA 90 ultra flat Kaldewei now delivers an exceptionally flat waste fitting for floor-level showers. The new generation of patented Kaldewei waste fittings are distinguished by their...

Ahlen, June 2015.

Harmonious bathroom design with no compromises thanks to enamelled shower surfaces, bathtubs and washbasins from Kaldewei.

Ahlen, June 2015. – When it comes to fitting-out hotel bathrooms, Kaldewei steel enamel has been demonstrating its distinctive practical benefits for...

Ahlen, March 2015.

Kaldewei shower surfaces are available in more than 50,000 model versions

Kaldewei is the preferred partner when it comes to the flexible, flat and easy installation of floor-level showers. At this year’s ISH the expert in floor-level showers will present its full spectrum of...

People plan their bathrooms to provide many years of enjoyable use. Along with optical criteria, builders should therefore give careful consideration to the material quality when selecting bathroom facilities. After all, quality defects can drain the budget faster than expected. The diversity on...

London, March 2015.< br/>

Kaldewei steel enamel combines aesthetics and longevity with international sustainability standards